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Motto Mortgage

  • NameJustin Keator
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I’m a mortgage professional who has been in the industry since 2008. I’ve worked in operations as well as sales, giving me an extensive understanding of the entire home loan life cycle. I am here to answer all of your questions and help you achieve your homeownership dreams.

When you work with me, I listen carefully to your goals, so I have a complete understanding of your specific circumstances. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, I will walk you through each step of the loan process and resolve any questions you may have. If this is not your first mortgage, we will discuss some of the newer products that are available, and rediscover how staple programs like conventional, jumbo, FHA, VA, renovation, investment, and refinance have evolved over time to meet current needs.

I look forward to making your home loan experience pleasant and memorable by delivering the level of communication and service you deserve from your lender.

Guild Mortgage

  • NameLyndsay Cyr
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Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

  • NameIvan Lopez Corcino
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Welcome to my home page! where personalized mortgage solutions meet exceptional service. I'm Ivan Lopez Corcino, your trusted mortgage consultant, dedicated to simplifying the home financing journey for you.

With a background in banking, finance, real estate, and Business Administration services, I bring 10 years of expertise to the table. I understand that securing a mortgage can be overwhelming, which is why I'm here to be your knowledgeable guide and advocate every step of the way.

I prioritize building relationships based on trust, transparency, and empathy. I take the time to listen to your unique needs and goals, crafting tailored solutions that align with your financial aspirations. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, looking to refinance, or exploring investment opportunities, I'm committed to helping you make informed decisions that pave the way for your future success.

What sets us apart from others is our unwavering dedication to providing a personalized experience. I believe in the power of clear communication and open dialogue, ensuring that you feel empowered and informed throughout the entire mortgage process. From initial consultation to closing, I'll be by your side, offering guidance, support, and expertise every step of the way.

Beyond my professional expertise, I'm deeply passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their dreams of homeownership. I believe that everyone deserves access to fair and equitable mortgage solutions, and I'm committed to advocating for your best interests with integrity and diligence.

Thank you for considering me for your mortgage needs. I'm excited to embark on this journey with you and help you turn your homeownership dreams into reality.

Equity Builder Mortgage

  • NameJustin Kearney
  • LicenseNMLS # 860287
  • Phone919-413-0974
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My name is Justin Kearney and I have been working in finance/mortgage industry since 2007.  I'm a NC native with all of my family living in or near the triangle.  One of the things that sets me apart from other lenders is that I work as a broker.  This means you complete one loan application with me & I work find the right lender to fit your needs.  Think of me as the quarterback on a team whose number one goal is to help you acheive your homeownership dream.  I look forward to speaking with you!  

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