Does Your heat-pump look like this?

Dated: February 19 2021

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What to do if your heatpump freezes

If like most people in this region you heat your home with a heat pump, your unit might look like this today.  Ordinarily it should be cause for concern. However, according to HVAC experts when the weather is in the low 30’s with high moisture content, such as wet snow, and freezing rain like we have had recently, frost and ice might form and may not be able to thaw if the fan has frozen.

Frozen Frosted Heat Pump

The reason, according to the expert I consulted, the compressor warms the bottom of the unit, however, because the temperature output on the coils is 20 degrees Fahrenheit, obviously much colder than the outside air temperature this causing it to freeze the fan.

A five-gallon bucket of lukewarm water on the top of the unit should thaw the fan and allow the unit to go into the automatic thaw mode, which apparently the systems are programmed to do every 90 minutes.

If this doesn’t work and your system doesn’t come back on, you should switch it to ‘emergency heat’ (electric heat) and call your HVAC contractor. If your unit does not have a physical switch, it likely will happen automatically.

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