Unlock Exclusive Savings on Your Next Home with Our JCPS Employee Benefits Program!*

Dated: February 17 2024

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Dear Johnston County, Public Schools Employees,

At 8th Day Realty Group, we’re more than just a team — we’re family. And as part of our commitment to ensuring every member of our family feels valued and supported, we are thrilled to unveil an exclusive offering to our beloved JCPS Employees: The Employee Benefits Program, geared specifically towards making your home buying or selling journey not just easier, but also more rewarding.

Johnston County Employee Benefits

Introducing Your Key to Savings:
The Johnston County Public Schools Employee Benefits Program

Imagine receiving the keys to your new home, or successfully closing the sale of your property, and along with it, enjoying substantial savings. With our JCPS Employee Benefits Program, turning this into reality is now possible!

**The Offer:**

As a valued member of the JCPS team, you are entitled to an incredible offer — a rebate of 25% of the commission received by 8th Day Realty Group to be applied directly towards your closing costs when buying or selling a home. This isn’t just a discount; it’s our way of investing in our community and its future because we know that homeownership makes for stronger communities!


**Benefits At A Glance:**

- **Significant Savings:** Reduce your closing costs and save thousands of dollars, making your real estate transaction more affordable.

- **Expert Guidance:** Gain access to our top-tier real estate professionals who are committed to providing you with personalized support, every step of the way.

- **Exclusive Access:** As a part of our family, receive the inside scoop on the best listings and market insights, giving you a competitive edge.

- **Stress-Free Experience:** Enjoy a seamless, end-to-end service experience, tailored to meet your individual needs, preferences, and timelines.


**How It Works:**

1. **Register:** Sign up for the Employee Benefits Program by contacting our team  visiting our program webpage.

2. **Connect:** Our dedicated program coordinator will connect you with a real estate agent who specializes in your area of interest.

3. **Transact:** Buy or sell your property with us and enjoy the benefits of your exclusive rebate.

4. **Save:** Watch as a significant portion of your closing costs are covered through the program, culminating in a smoother and more affordable real estate transaction.

 **Getting Started:**

Embark on your next real estate journey with 8th Day Realty Group by your side. To learn more or to register for the Employee Benefits Program, Call or Text ‘JCPSemployee’ to 919-822-9800  Ricardo Cobos or visit Program Webpage.

Your dreams of buying or selling are not just dreams. With 8th Day Realty Group, they’re a reality, backed by tangible savings and unwavering support.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community. We look forward to serving you and making your real estate aspirations come true.


Warmest regards,


Ricardo CobosManaging Broker
**Let’s make your next home move memorable – and more affordable!**

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With a real estate background since 1996, Ricardo obtained his broker's license in 2015 and excelled in his market by assisting investors. He has become a preferred Realtor in the Raleigh-Cary region ....

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